Feast your eyes upon the tribe that dwells in between Mexico and Arizona

The cultural group that I chose was the pima group, I had no idea who they were or where they were geographically located. While I was searching for an indigenous tribe, my sister suggested a Native American tribe but I found limited information about them so I looked more into other tribes and I settled on the Pima tribes of Arizona based of the Gile river. I enjoyed learning about them because I had no knowledge of them at all so it is really eye opening to learn about the vast amount of Native American tribes in the U.S.

Type 2 diabetes have been impacting the people of the Pima tribe, as I was conducting my research about them I also learned about the illnesses that are raised among them and how it has been impacting their health and the growing children. As far as I know, they are slowly adapting the western cultural style especially in regards to their eating habits and their daily activities. They have been consuming and adding the usage of sugary, salty, fatty foods to their daily meals.  Long ago, they had men that hunted and kept a well built and healthy shape and without the interference of the western diet, they were able to eat considerably healthy. The women as well as the children had quite an amount of daily activities and exercises. But now not only is diabetes present but the growing rate of obesity in the native tribes. I have read multiple credible articles discussing about the obesity and diabetes in indigenous people but it seems generalized, but the (western diet) will eventually take a toll on them. As time goes, the children will be taught to use western appliances instead of being taught to farm. Not only is their health in danger but their culture is slowing becoming just something from the past.

Regarding the Pima Tribe, results of my research in terms of ethnocentrism is that there wasn’t a lot of what i would judge based upon how they live if i were to compare it how i grew up. There is a picture that i presented in a previous blog of a woman holding her baby, barefooted and surrounded by, i believe, cooking pots and pans, and just living in what i would see as unsanitary. Someone who has never grown up in this type of environment would view it as uncivilized and pitiful. I grew up in a place where, it’s normal or not that big of a deal to be barefooted and doing farming or other activities. As for cultural relativism, i have learned to understand that it is not because of the people that they are living in these conditions but there are other aspects that contribute to their diabetes and obesity issue. The people live in places where agriculture is still an on-going thing and that they don’t rely as much on technology as us. The hard work done is actually beneficial to their health and it is part of their past.

Although, I made multiple researches upon this tribe online, it is still ethnocentric because I am seeing them through another person’s words but as I saw videos of some of the member of the Pima tribe sharing their cultural lifestyles and their loss of families due to diabetes, I began to see a bigger picture. This has deepened my understanding of them as I continued to find out more about how they live and the challenges that they face. It makes me see indigenous people, Native Americans, as continuing to preserve their culture in a world where everything is changing and advancing.

The amount of information that I have gathered regarding the Pima people of Arizona are ethnocentric because the main focus was their health issues. I did not go into deep details on other things such as their lifestyle or their historical backgrounds but i did provide a sufficient amount of information. Someone who would read my recent blogs without any knowledge of the pima people would have a prejudgement regarding them being obese or diabetic. This expanded my knowledge of others to see that one story is not the whole story. Preconceived judgment is the way our mind makes things up to help us comprehend something but it isn’t necessarily true so learning about the pima group, in a way that is not only focusing about one thing, especially one that’s negative, but also gathering information helped me see things and understand this isn’t it and that there is more to know.


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