The impacts of diabetes in the pima Indians.

  1. In the Arizona Sonora news, a news story called American Indians fight against Type II diabetes gives us insights about what the indigenous tribe face regarding their health. The Pimas are a native American tribe that are located in southern Arizona and it has been said that around 15% of people are diabetic, having a type II diabetes, but it is made up mostly from Native Americans than any other race. Ever since the westernization, they have been slacking on hunting and gathering which is the main activity that keeps them physically active and healthy but now they are easily prone to diabetes because of the may processed food but not limited to stress, anxiety, and others that can contribute to the high rates of obesity in this ethnic group. There was a lady mentioned and she was in this group and she has diabetes and she works out every day and takes classes for good eating. There have been camps made for the younger ones that have diabetes or not to help them stay active and eat healthier.


  1. In Indian country today, Mexico vs. Pima Indians, it talks about how the pima group have the highest diabetes and also obesity rates in the United States. They have said that their traditional foods have been subsidized by American settlers and it contains more sugar and white flour. The Mexico pima Indians have been able to maintain a healthy weights and good eating much better than the Arizona Pima Indians. They hope that the pima Indians can go back to their healthy traditional active ways so that they can reduce the high rates of obesity and diabetes which can eventually lead to kidney diseases and other sorts of disease that will impact the tribes.


American Indians fight against Type II diabetes. (n.d.). Retrieved May 08, 2017, from


Mexico vs. Arizona Pima Indians. (2010, December 01). Retrieved May 08, 2017, from


1A. In the first news that I began with, the author is Yara Askar and he is part of this news staff in university of Arizona journalism school and that she is a junior who is double majoring in journalism and Arabic language. She has been in involved in her high school newspaper and an Arizona Daily Wildcat, news and health beat reporter. I haven’t found anything that tells me that the author’s area of expertise.

1B. The author attends the university of Arizona and the news site provides original material for UA students and anyone that stumbles upon their site.

1C. The news was published in October of 2014 and since it has only been 3 years I wouldn’t consider it out of date because diabetes and obesity is still an issue among the races.

1D. this is intended for a general audience.


2A. there was no specific author mentioned in this, they just stated it as ICMN staff.

2B. Indian country media network is serves as a publication site and also a place to get the latest news and magazines and etc.

2C. The publication date is December of 2010. It is out of date but useful to know the information from the past because it isn’t that old.

2D. this is meant for a general audience.


  1. The information provided in the first news was based on facts due to the verified associations and organizations mentioned.
  2. The information appears to be valid and well researched.
  3. The ideas and arguments were more advanced than the past ones that I have read.
  4. The author’s point of view is objective because she backs up her speech with actual facts made by organization that deals with diabetes. The author writes about her experience and other’s but doesn’t involve any cry worthy stories to it and she is clear about the group that is her main subject.


  1. The information is also based on facts.
  2. It seems to be valid but it just need to have more information to back up his claim.
  3. This has less ideas and arguments but it is still useful to know.
  4. The author’s view is objective because he only writes about the facts regarding the tribes and compares them together. It does not contain any emotional words or bias but the author is very clear about the group and states it in his writing.



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