River people: The pima tribe of AZ

In the video, Culture of Diabetes- Native Americans and diabetes, Dr. Warne gives a brief talk about how in the native American tribe, diabetes is so common that they are expecting themselves to get in later on in life and that It is inevitable for them. He talks about how that if we change our views about diabetes and change our lifestyle then other aspects of it can change such as our self-esteem if we look at historical and cultural changes in the American Indian community. There is so much diabetes going on that it has become a culture, some have undergone blindness and kidney failures as well as early death. Health care practitioners are need to know about this issue when they are dealing with their patients. Dr. Donald Warne is a clinical professor at the Arizona state University and he taught American Indian Healthy policy. He received his MD from Stanford University and his Master of Public health from Harvard. He is an active member of several professional activities such as the Association of American Indian Physicians and National institutional review board. This video is uploaded by Unnatural causes: is inequality making us sick? in June 3, 2008 and It is categorized as nonprofits and activism and this is given as a standard YouTube license.


River People, US Indian Bureau film, Pima Indians of AZ, CA is a video that shows the lifestyle of the river people as they call themselves because they rely on the river in Arizona for everything. They lost water before but they have built a dam now and they got their water back. Most of the Pima members have died and the younger ones haven’t gotten a chance to learn how to farm. This video shows the conflict with funding because now they are making them pay for the equipment to use for farming and they refused to because they think they are paying for the water that I rightfully theirs as they said. This video is made in April 29th in 2013 and it is a standard YouTube license and it is uploaded by wood Ridge and the category that it is in is education . It doesn’t show how is the narrator of this video but I have research about the information said in the video and I believe that they are accurate and that the pima tribe actually went through these incidents with how to farm and also the water that they lost. The White Americans also intervened when they started making crops in their land.


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