The Tribal side of diabetes

The Native American tribe of Pima or the Pima people are an indigenous group that my research will be focused on. They are located in the Gila river and the Salt river in Central and southern Arizona. The reason why I chose this group is because the Native Americans in the U.S. are interesting to learn upon and recognize their needs and how they are currently living. The Pima tribe are said to have high diabetes rates and I am interested to learn and discover why that has come about as well as getting to know more about the vast majority of indigenous people we have yet to know. I have found 3 basic information regarding this tribe and the health issue of diabetes.


As for geographical locations, I have previously mentioned that this tribe lives mostly in the central and southern part of Arizona in North America. In the map, it will show the overview of where Arizona is located as well as a zoom in to see the rivers and the reservations that these group of people live on. The pima people live in the Gila river as well as the Salt river. They are close to Mexico so some of the pima people live there as well in Sonora, Mexico, which is just south of phoenix, AZ.


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